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First Nations Communities

If you are a member, living on or off Reserve, contact your Band office or Association for a list of services they may be able to provide to you and your family.


Emergency (Fire/ Police /Ambulance) 911
Housing for Seniors

Surerus Place 250-788-3736

Chetwynd and District Recreation Centre 250-788-3939 Chetwynd Centre Medical Clinic 250-788-3234 Chetwynd Dental Clinic 250-788-1997 Chetwynd Dental Associates 250-788-2113 Chetwynd Hospital and Health Centre 250-788-2236 Chetwynd & District Hospital Foundation 250-788-1120 Box 121 Chetwynd, BC V0C 1JO Chetwynd Primary Care Clinic 250-788-7200 Chetwynd Public Library 250-788-2559 DC Association for Community Living (serving Chetwynd)  250-782-2611 Meals on Wheels 250-788-3985 Peoples Drug Mart 250-788-3393 Pine Valley Seniors Rec Centre 250-788-3985 Seniors’ Group 250-788-2810 South Peace Chiropractic 250-788-2442 Tansi Friendship Centre 250-788-2996

Dawson Creek/Pouce Coupe

Emergency (Fire/ Police /Ambulance) 911 South Peace Seniors’ Access Society 250 -782-1138 Ext 225 Fire (Non-emergency) 250-782-9898 Police/RCMP (Non-emergency) 250-784-3700 Ambulance (Non-emergency) 250-782-2211 Dawson Creek & District Hospital 250-782-8501 Adult Day Away Program 250-719-3480 Alcoholics Anonymous 250-219-7624 Alzheimer Society of BC 250-782-1439 Better at Home – Dawson Creek 250-782-2341 Linda Studley, Program Coordinator lstudley@spcrs.ca Suite 117 10200 8th Street, Dawson Creek BC, V1G 3P8 (Co-op Mall) Hours: Mon–Fri 9:00am–3:30pm Caregivers Support Group 250-782-1439 Clinic Pharmacy Ltd 250-782-3100 Dawson Creek Adult Mental Health & Addictions: Northeast Health Services 250-719-6525 Dawson Creek Co-op (Meals) 250-782-8121 Dawson Creek Health Unit 250-719-6500 Dawson Creek & District Hospital 250-782-8501 Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation 250-784-7355 11100-13 St. Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3W8 dcdhfoundation@northernhealth.ca Dawson Creek Home Medical Needs 250-719-0577 F: 250-719-0578 Dawson Creek Hospice & Palliative Care 250-782-3261 Dawson Creek Public Library 250-782-4661 Dawson Creek Association For Community Living 250-782-2611 Diabetic Education (local) 250-782-8501
Housing for Seniors

Aurora 250-719-0006

Centennial Manor 250-782-3905

Heritage Heights 250-782-1840

Northview 250-719-0072

Rotary Manor 250-719-3480 F: 250-782-3749

Rotary Village 250-782-2611

Selwyn Place Apartments 250-782-4291

Southview 250-782-2611

Spruceland Manor 250-782-1495

Tremblay House 250-786-5794

Foot Care (DC & Pouce Coupe) 250-782-9786 Grief Recovery 250-782-3261 Hearing Services (FSJ Health Unit) 250-263-6000 Heart & Stroke Foundation 250-785-8340 Home Support Northeast Health Services 250-719-6514 Hopeful Bookworms Society 250-555-2222 Hospice & Palliative Care 250-782-3261 Keeping It Clean Services 250-719-1762 Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre 250-782-7946 Meals On Wheels 250-782-5153 Medical Clinic of Dawson Creek 250-782-5271 Mile O Alanon Group – See Health Unit 250-719-6500 Mile Zero Walk-in Clinic 250-782-1103 Nawican Friendship Center 250-782-5202 Pouce Coupe Information Tremblay House 250-786-5794 Pouce Coupe Public Library 250-786-5765 Pouce Coupe Senior Citizens’ Branch 105 250-786-0111 Red Cross Loan Cupboard (at hospital) 250-782-8501 Rotary Manor Society 250-719-3480 Senior Citizens’ Hall 250-782-7620 Shoppers Drug Mart 250-782-5903 South Peace Community Resources Society 250-782-9174 SPSASS (South Peace Seniors’ Access Services Society) 250-782-1138 Ext 225 F: 250-719-0578 seniorsaccess@spcrs.ca Step Up ‘N’ Ride Society 250-782-7433 F: 250-782-7431 Visually Impaired Support Group 250-782-3221/782-7539

Fort Nelson

RCMP 250-774-2777 Fort Nelson Ambulance 250-774-2344 Fort Nelson Fire 250-774-2222 Fort Nelson Hospital 250-774-8100 F: 250-774-8110 Fort Nelson Health Unit 250-774-7092 F: 250-774-7096 Adult Day Program 250-774-7092 Addiction Services (Northern Health) 250-774-8105 Alcoholics Anonymous 250-774-4172 Airport Drive Dental Office 250-774-4484 Airport Way Medical Clinic 250-774-7838 Fort Nelson Aboriginal Friendship Society 250-774-2993 Fort Nelson Dental Clinic 250-774-3510 Fort Nelson Hospital & Healthcare Foundation 250-774-8135 F: 250-774-8110 Bag 1000, Fort Nelson, BC VOC 1R0 fnhf@northernhealth.ca Fort Nelson Literacy Society 250-774-4415 Fort Nelson Recreation Department 250-774-2541
Housing for Seniors

Grace Manor 250-774-4930

Heritage Place 250-774-3193

Women’s Shelter 250-774-4742

Father Poullet Shelter (men only) 250-774-3816

Northern Lamplighters Activities Centre 250-774-4549 Box 3116, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0 Northern Rockies Women’s Aboriginal Society 250-233-8920 Northern Rockies Seniors Society 250-774-3193 Box 52 Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0 nrss@theedge.ca Senior Transportation 250-500-2597 Woodlands Inn (Medical/Sympathy Rates) 1-866-966-3466

Fort St. John

Emergency (Fire/ Police /Ambulance) 911 Non-Emergency Numbers Ambulance 250-785-2079 Fire 250-785-4333 RCMP 250-787-8100
Housing for Seniors

BC Housing Authority 1-800-667-1235

The Abbeyfield House 250-785-8381 info@abbeyfieldfsj.org

Heritage I 250-785-2662 Contact Licar Mgmt/BC Housing 250-785-5086

Heritage II Contact Long Term Care 250-263-6000

Heritage III – Independent Living Contact Licar Mgmt/BC Housing 250-785-5086

Huntington Place Co-op Association 250-785-7557

North Peace Housing 250-785-5086

North Peace Senior Housing – Peace Lutheran Apartments (Independent Living) 250-785-8983 npshs@fsjmail.net

Peace Villa Reception 250-261-7450

Alcoholics Anonymous 250-785-8866 Alzheimer’s Support Group 250-785-5513 Alzheimer’s Resource Centre 250-785-3876 BC Access – Service BC 250-787-3350 BC Association of Community Response Networks Connie Kaweesi, MSW, RSW, Regional Mentor for NEBC  250-263-2614 BC Paraplegic Association 250-787-1912 BC Parkinson’s Association 250-785-7348 BC Schizophrenia Society 250-261-9189 BC Transit – Fort St. John 250-787-7433 Better At Home – Fort St. John & Area 250-785-8880 #19 9907-110th AveFort St John BC V1J 2S9 Cancer Society FSJ 250-785-0903 250-787-7924 Child Development Centre 250-785-3200 Community Bridge (formerly North Peace Community Resources) 250-785-6021 F: 250-785-4659 info@communitybridge.ca Darren Almond Travel Foundation 250-785-7373 Diabetes Education Centre 250-261-7439 Fort St. John Association for Community Living 250-787-9262

Fort St. John & Area Seniors Care Foundation (Facebook Page250-793-9624 or 250-785-0034 Helping seniors live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Supplying nutrition, meals on wheels, light housekeeping, assisting with ambulatory care, and offering “Reach Out” program to meet the social needs of the seniors, keeping them in touch with the community which is an integral part of aging well.

Fort St. John & District Palliative Care 250-787-2814 fsjpcs@shaw.ca Fort St. John Community Enrichment Centre Day Program for Adults with Special Needs 250-262-8068 Fort St. John Hospital & Health Centre 250-262-5200 F: 250-262-5239 Peace Villa Reception 250-261-7450 8407-112 Ave, Fort St. John, BC V1J 0J5 Fort St. John Hospital Foundation 250-261-7563 F: 250-261-7653 8407-112 Ave Fort St. John, BC V1J 0J5 fsjhf@northernhealth.ca FSJ Literacy Society 250-785-1541 FSJ Mental Health & Addiction Services 250-263-6080 Fort St. John Palliative Care Society 250-787-2814  fsjpcs@shaw.ca FSJ Physiotherapy Clinic 250-785-1175 FSJ Public Library 250-785-3731 F: 250-785-7982 fsjlib@pris.bc.ca Fort St. John Public Health 250-263-6000 FSJ Women’s Resource Centre 250-787-1121 FSJ Royal Canadian Legion 250-785-3917 Fort St. John Senior Citizens’ Assoc 250-785-7897 handyDART 250-787-7433 Heart & Stroke Foundation 250-785-5696 Meals on Wheels – FSJ Health Unit Home Support Services 250-263-6000 Meaope Transition House for Women Leaving Abuse  250-785-5208
Medical Clinics: (check for walk-in clinics)

ABC Clinic 250-785-1220

Fort St. John Medical Clinic 250-785-6677

North Peace Primary Care 250-261-0016

Fort St. John Specialist Clinic  250-785-7732 F: 250-785-7736

NENAS North East Advancing Society 250-785-0887 F: 250-785-0876 Toll-free: 1-855-785-0887 Family & Youth Program Services 250-785-0887 Ext 2220 Cell: 250-262-5415 nenas@nenas.org Main Office: 10328-101 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 2B5

North Peace Cultural Centre 250-785-1992 North Peace Leisure Pool 250-787-8178

North Peace Seniors Mouth-Eye-Foot Care Foundation Society 250-785-5683

Peace Lutheran Care Centre Foundation 250-787-0218
Pharmacies: (medical aids as well as prescriptions)

FSJ Pharmacy & Wellness Clinic 250-785-3234

Shoppers Drug Mart 250-785-6155

Walmart 250-261-5585

Safeway 250-261-5479

Real Canadian Store 250-261-6522

Pomeroy Sport Centre 250-785-4592 RCMP Victim Services 250-787-8138 Red Cross Loan Cupboard 250-262-0083 9620 Sikanni Road (near Peace Feeds) Requires a referral from a Doctor, or Medical professional (Home Support, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor) Royal Canadian Legion 250-785-3917 Save Our Northern Seniors 250-261-5540/250-785-5365 mackeno@xplornet.ca or jleahy@shaw.ca saveournorthernseniors.ca or Find us on Facebook

Hudson’s Hope

Emergency (Fire/ Police /Ambulance) 911 Alcoholics Anonymous 250-783-9931
Housing for Seniors

Hudson’s Hope Health Care and Housing Society Silver Willow Court 250-783-5521

Hudson’s Hope Health Centre 250-783-9991 Hudson’s Hope Public Library 250-783-9414 Hudson’s Hope Swimming Pool & Aquafit 250-783-9913 Hudson’s Hope Women’s Club 250-783-5534 Hudson’s Hope Lions Club 250-783-5736


Emergency (Fire/ Police /Ambulance) 911 District of Taylor Municipal Office 250-789-3392 For more information on Taylor activities, visit Taylor Times District of Taylor Directory handyDART with services to Taylor 250-787-7433
Housing for Seniors

McMahon Manor Contact Licar Management 250-785-2662 1-800-257-7756

Taylor Public Library 250-789-9878 Taylor Medical Clinic 250-789-6772 Taylor Physio and Rehab Studio 250-789-3392

Tumbler Ridge

Emergency (Fire/ Police /Ambulance) 911 RCMP 250-242-5252 Fire 250-242-5555 Safe Home Phone 250-242-8028 District of Tumbler Ridge 250-242-4242 Medical Travel Aid Information 250-242-5283 Tumbler Ridge Adult Mental Health Association 250-242-5505 Tumbler Ridge Alcoholics Anonymous Thurs. 8:00PM Baptist Church Tumbler Ridge Cares Van 250-242-7444 Tumbler Ridge Cares – Rose Colledge 250-242-1577 Tumbler Ridge Community Centre 250-242-4778 Tumbler Ridge Forever Young Society 250-242-4422 Lloyd Frank, President beafrank@persona.ca Forever Young Society Ellen Sager 250-242-5283 trfys@pris.ca Tumbler Ridge Health Centre 250-242-5271 Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation Society 250-242-5271 Tumbler Ridge Health Unit 250-242-4262 Tumbler Ridge Hospice & Respite Care Society Doug Foerster 250-242-5870 Tumbler Ridge Ladies Auxillary Grace Walsh 250-242-4609 Tumbler Ridge Lions Club 250-242-4609 Frank Walsh 250-242-4609 Tumbler Ridge Meals on Wheels 250-242-4609 Dave Price 250-257-0061 Tumbler Ridge Medical Clinic 250-242-4251 Tumbler Ridge Pharmacy 250-242-3333 Tumbler Ridge Taxi Service 250-242-5151 Tumbler Ridge Public Library 250-242-4778 Tumbler Ridge Royal Canadian Legion 250-242-3436 Tumbler Ridge Royal Canadian Legion Ladies’ Auxillary 250-242-3436 Tumbler Ridge Seniors’ Corner Lloyd Frank 250-242-4422