Community Rehabilitation Program

The Community Rehabilitation Program provides community based rehabilitation services of acute, chronic, and palliative care by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Rehabilitation Aides. Where possible, they will teach you and or your family to carry out your own care and adopt prevention and maintenance strategies.

There is no direct charge for services.  If you are a WCB claimant, a Canadian Veteran, or an ICBC claimant, then those agencies may be billed for your services, otherwise it is covered by your MSP.

Contact your local Health Unit for more information.


  • Assessment and some treatment for acute, chronic and palliative care
  • Assessment and prescription for adaptive equipment to help with activities of daily living (e.g. eating, dressing, bathing, toileting)
  • Teaching clients and caregivers how to transfer safely using good body mechanics
  • Assessment for wheelchair fittings and total body lifting equipment
  • Prescription of walking aids
  • Exercise programs (limited availability)
  • Use of heat, cold or electrical modalities in the treatment of pain and swelling of joints (in some communities)
  • Assessment of homes to provide recommendations for changes to reduce architectural barriers
  • Advice on purchasing shoes, orthotics, supportive stockings, braces and splints
  • Referral to other community health care services (e.g. family physician, long term care assessment, home care nursing, home support, foot care clinic)

How to Access the Service

Access the service by contacting your local public health unit as listed in the Emergency Numbers.