The purposes of Save Our Northern Seniors Society are:

  • To build a facility which will ensure the safety, respect and dignity of our seniors;
  • To provide current and reliable information for the number of facilities and beds available in our area;
  • To pursue all avenues of support for our community – rural and urban – such as Supportive Living, Assisted Living, Intermediate Care, Extended Care, Special Unit, Psycho-Geriatric Care, Adult Daycare, Home Care, and Emergency Care.


SONS is well known for advocating on behalf of Seniors. Our goals are:

  • To pursue all avenues of health support for our community no matter what the ages;
  • To have Seniors live in their community with support to keep them safe, independent, healthy, and happy;
  • To have a third house at Peace Villa which would accommodate a minimum of 60 residents including a Daycare to support recruitment and retention of NH Employees.